Considering hiring an attorney can carry so many emotions. However, after my initial conversation with Donna, I was encouraged that there was hope for a new beginning ahead. Both John and Donna provide detailed explanations of what to expect throughout the process and were diligent and timely in their preparation. I am very thankful to have had their expertise walk me through a very challenging time in my life.

Terese McMurray

I wish that I had John and Donna during my initial divorce proceedings. I believe that they would have ensured a much fairer division of assets with my ex. They are very professional and thorough in their review of the material evidence and definitely had my best interest in mind representing me.

Kyle Nickel

Attorneys and legal issues were something I thought I would have to go through. John and Donna have represented me for the past 5 years. They have gotten me exactly what I wanted each of the 2 times I've had a custody battle. They have achieved the unreachable when it comes to the final outcome. I highly recommend Barrett Legal for all your legal needs. I couldn't imagine the position I would be in if it wasn't for them!

Blake McKenzie

John was referred to us by a friend to review our son's case on multiple drug felony counts. He had great compassion while guiding us through a very difficult process. He provided great advice to get our son into drug treatment and testing well in advance of a state court hearing. He successfully negotiated a probationary outcome that prevented jail time. His advice to show recovery and clean behavior helped immensely in the final disposition of the judge and D.A.

His paralegal assistant Donna was great to work with, as she kept us all on track and provided great empathy to a very nervous family while we went through this trying time.

I would highly recommend John and Donna to handle any criminal case.

Great experience! John Barrett is a great attorney, very good at making you feel at ease. Donna, his paralegal, was my main point of contact for my case, and she was super helpful! She was always advocating for my best interests, and was able to get a great result! Definitely recommend!

Alison Farrington

I have been using John Barrett for over 10 years now and I will only use his firm! Donna his paralegal is absolutely amazing! They both go above and beyond for their clients!! If you want a firm/attorney that cares and that will work hard for you then use Barrett Legal, LLC! I have been so pleased on many cases John has worked on of mine. He has never let me down! Here recently he helped my fiance with a last minute situation and we were truly pleased with the outcome! Thanks John and Donna for everything!!

Katrina Adams

I had a great experience with this law firm. Mr. Barrett is knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. He is kind and does not come off superior. Ms. Donna is great support and really shows that she cares about your case. I had to call her several times in a panic/breakdown and she was there to handle the situation. I would recommend Barrett Law to anyone in need of a divorce lawyer!

Cynthia Jackson

Standing next to John, before the judge, in that courtroom, I honest to God felt like he wanted me to go home as bad as I wanted to go home, and that he was willing to say, or do whatever it took to make that happen! I've NEVER had an attorney make me feel that way in my entire life. I don't have any idea what type of divorce attorney he is, but I know emphatically that he is an AWESOME defense attorney! I ended up groing to jail that day, but it was about 95% less time than the District Attorney asked for!

Jim Whitt

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