Child Support Law & Litigation

Child Support Law & Litigation

Child Support Attorney in Kennesaw & Marietta, Georgia

The courts do not take child support laws in Kennesaw or Marietta, Georgia lightly. Falling behind in court-ordered child support payments is actually contempt of court. A warrant may be issued for the arrest of a person who has not met these legal financial obligations. Property may be attached and punishment may include a fine or imprisonment. It is best to seek legal counsel and representation by an attorney when such important commitments as child support are arranged and discussed.

Child support is, unfortunately, not always a one-time determination. As your financial circumstances change, it frequently becomes necessary to petition the court for alterations in the child support arrangements. The awarding of sole, joint or split custody will affect the calculated amount due for child support.

Circumstances that may result in a change in child support determinations are:

  • When there are extraordinary medical costs of either parent or child
  • When there is a loss of income, such as an employment layoff or a new medical disability
  • When there are special needs of a disabled child
  • Insurance premium changes or expiration of COBRA benefits for the child's coverage
  • A change in custody arrangement
  • The parties' agreement to alter support arrangements

Competent legal advice is important to you and your child. There are many variables, such as payment of health insurance premiums, payment of private tutoring, schooling or needed counseling for your child. Additionally, it is important to consider tax benefits and penalties for different child support options. You have legal rights and protections, which need to be addressed when child support amounts are calculated.

The State of Georgia generally calculates child support payment guidelines based upon custody categories and the gross income of each party.

The Marietta, Georgia law firm of Child Support Attorney John C. Barrett understands the financial repercussions of divorce, separation and child support issues. Our Child Support Attorney has experience and expertise in the Georgia and federal tax laws that affect you at this time of turmoil.

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