Protective Orders
in Marietta, GA

Protective Orders

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Do You Need to File a Protective Order?

Protect yourself from abuse or harassment by filing a protective order with the help of Barrett Legal, LLC. Attorney John C. Barrett knows how sensitive these situations can be. He’s committed to putting your mind at ease by keeping you fully informed while obtaining the protective order.

When you need to file for protective custody, turn to Barrett Legal, LLC in Marietta, GA. Call 678-404-1529 as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Protect Your Rights And Put Your Family’s Safety First

Standing in front of a judge can wreck your nerves. Attorney John C. Barrett will make sure you’re completely comfortable with every step of the legal process before filing for protective custody.

Make sure your side of the story is presented properly. Schedule an appointment with Barrett Legal, LLC in Marietta, GA today.

Protective Orders